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* Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.
* Director: Trần Quang Đại.
* Writer: Hoàng Thu Dung.
* A product of The Limited Liability Song Vang Advertising Production Company.
- On VTV9 channel.

- Broadcasting time: 09.PM (Monday to Friday) from 25-Sep-2013

- Duration: 45 mins/episode
- Episodes: 33


Việt Anh as: Bảo Hoàng
Lê Khánh as: Tú Lan
Thanh Trúc as: Phượng Trân
Thúy Ngân as: Bạch Mai - Nguyên Thủy
Hà Trí Quang      as: Hữu Tài
Quốc Thuận as: Trọng Quỳ
Kiều Linh as: Thu Hồng                            
Hà Ngọc Hiếu   as: Bảo Loan
Lê Văn Dũng as: Bảo Sùng
Đoàn Việt Hà  as: Đoàn Kim Thoa
Hải Lý as: Bà Tú Chi

and other actors and actresses...




Life was a stream flow with smoothness and troubles. By kindness and reality, nothing was unresolved. The movie was about 3 close friends who lived in 3 different living conditions. They were:

Bao Hoang was born in a family whose business was well-known of legality. Hoang was handsome and sophisticated so that he was the dreamed man to many girls. Although Hoang knew that his parents had chosen another strange girl for him, he had felt in love with Phuong Tran, his classmate when he was a boy.

Huu Tai was orphan. He lived with an old painter. Having sense of painting, he grew up and got money from this gift.

Trong Quy lived peacefully. Because he was controlled by his wife called “Ha Dong Lion”, he wished that he could live like Tai.

Although Mr.Trinh was so strict to children, Bao Hoang still made his decision by himself. One day, Lam Tien, a beautiful girl had appeared in Mr.Trinh’s house. Surprisingly, she was the only daughter of his close friend and Bao Hoang’s fiancé. Mr.Trinh was so excited to authorize a part of his family treasure to this girl. At this time, Hoang realized that he needed to win Tien’s heart because she could support him to get his targets. Then he decided to separate to Tran.

What happened to Tai and Quy? How was Bao Hoang’s life after he got married to Lam Tien? Would they were in friendship or they need to take responsibilities by themselves for what they had done?

The story with many dramatical details in 33 episodes would greatly attract viewers.