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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.

*Writer: Châu Thổ.

*Director: Phạm Thanh Phong.

*D.O.P: NSUT Quốc Thành.

*A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On HTV7 channel.

- Broadcasting time: 09.20PM (Wedsneday to Sunday) from 21-Jun-2009

- Duration: 45 mins/episode

- Episodes: 32


Tuyết Thu as: Thi Mai
Siêu mẫu Đức Hải as: Hoàng Tân
Phương Kiều as: bé Phương
Nguyễn Hoàng as: Dũng


Hoang Tan was a contruction engineer, director of a well-known construction design and contractor company. He had got married for 10 years but God hadn’t given the couple a kid. At the time they decided to adopt a child, his wife passed away in an accident.

Five years after his wife’s death, Tân accidentally met Mai, a successful woman, manager of an interior design company. She divorced and had a 16 years-old daughter. Hoàng Mai was supposed to ask Hoàng Tân to build her a new villa. Fate brought two yearning hearts together.

Their relationship was caused to be messed up by Mai’s beloved daughter, Phương. As being spoiled and stubborn, Phương got into bad habits and unconsciously set fire to the marriage of her mom and stepfather. As attempting to help Phương, Tân determined to take Phương to the Rehabilitation Center. Being through many obstacles in life, Phương respected the love and care of Tân for her and began a brand new life.

Afterall, Mai and Tân overcame all the misunderstandings and left the sorrows behind. Finally, Phương set up a vacation for her mom and Tân with a small surprising gift which was a simple and romantic wedding.