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* Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên

* Director: Trương Dũng

* Writer: Hoàng Thu Dung

* A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On HTV7 Channel

- Broadcasting time: 08.45PM (Thursday to Sunday) from 27-May-2010

- Duration: 45 mins/episode

- Episodes: 30


Khương Ngọc as: Giang
Huỳnh Anh Tuấn as: ông Quý
Thanh Trúc as: Hương
Công Ninh as: ông Phước Đà Lạt
Trọng Nhân as: Ninh
Trấn Thành as: Bảo
Lục Diệp as: Hoa (chị Giang)
Kim Xuân as: bà Ngọc
Kim Phượng as: Tuyết
Quốc Hùng as: ông Hoàng

and other actors & actresses...


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Giang was born in a rich family. His father had run an agent of Maritime Transport Company. Her mother was a wise woman and good at business. Being roman, sentimental and interested in flowers, especially purple flower, Giang was a man who had artistic passion. Because of his family business, he had to force himself to join in field which was opposite to his favourite. He went to Business Administration University in Singapore to satisfy his mother. After graduating, he came back home and unluckily encounter with power problems in his family.

Giang was determind to support his mother’s business. Living in idleness, he was known as a well-experienced playboy. When he was going about with Tuyet, he met Huong, a nice and well-educated girl. Huong lived with mother only. As her mother was hatred her father, the man who betrayed her, Huong was not allowed to see him.

Thank to Mrs.Han, her mother friend’s introduction, Huong met Giang. Trying to prove her father that she was really fine without him, Giang agreed to make friend with Giang. Due to being roman and interested in flowers together, they felt in love. But life was capricious. When Giang was happy with his true love, his family was investigated of unlawful business. During the time Giang was about to stand trial for his illegal family business, they deeply experienced hurt of a broken love. They made a decision to say goobye each other in an autumn dripping rain night at Giang resort‘s garden…  

With a happy ending which met human being principles, the movie awoke the people who made money despited of law and normal standards. At once, the movie expressed a permanent message that people who patiently overcame troubles in life by their own efforts would have a happy life.