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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên

*Writer: Hạ Thu

*Director: Trương Dũng

*A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On VTV9 Channel

- Broadcasting time: 20.PM (Monday to Friday) from 11-Jun-2012

- Duration: 54 mins/episode

- Episodes: 33


NSUT Thanh Nam as: Ông Thành
Tường Vy as: Trân Châu
Huy Khánh as: Thế Trung
Ngọc Thuận as: Khải Hà
Trịnh Kim Chi as: Bà Tâm
Hà Phương Thu as: Thùy Dương


  1. Cô Gái Kiêu Kỳ:
  2. Đóa Hoa Kiêu Kỳ:


Love was a gift which The Creator had given to human beings. Somebody was happy in love. The others were unhappy in love because that love wasn’t respected and maintained by them. Anyone who considered love as a joke or material served for their cruel intention would suffer terrible consequences.

Central character of story was Tran Chau, a girl who owned heavenly beauty. She attracted all the men through their first look. Therefore, she was so self-righteous so that she considerd men as her jokes. To this girl, no one   deserved to her. Thuy Duong, a pretty and gentle girl who was Thuy Duong housemaid’s daughter was her only friend. Who knew what happened to this girl! Tran Chau accepted to play the leading role in a movie of a famous director accompanied with one condition: Thuy Duong had to act in film also. Although Tran Chau hadn’t dreamt to be an actress, she would have joined in movies industry to get money for the motorbike which she was fond of.

The character who Tran Chau assumed met director’s requirements. Therefore, she was getting more self-righteous. She made a lot of troubles to director of the movie and leading actor.

Would something happen to this girl? Who could bring luck to Thuy Duong? The movie Self-righteous Girl with top dramatic details could respond those questions.