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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên - Sâm Thương.

*Writer: Châu Thổ.

*Editor: Phạm Thùy Nhân.

*Director: Bùi Đình Thứ.

*D.O.P: Quốc Thành.

*A product of Golden Screen Production (Song Vang Advertising Production co., Ltd.)


- On VTV9 Channel

- Broadcasting time: 07.PM from 06-Feb-2008

- Duration: 45 mins/episode

- Episodes: 05


Thanh Thủy
Việt Anh
Anh Vũ
Tiết Cương
Tấn Beo
Ngọc Hân
Hòa Hiệp
Mai Phương


“Rejuvenation” was a story of parents’love and great sacrifice to their children. Above all others, a big love between parents and children was main message of the movie expressed through the rise and fall of occupation and hard life of characters.

Mrs. Hai Huong was a window. She spent all her love raising her children up with any job such as doing small business on the street and mason. As time went by, she built up a small saving to join in real estate market. Together with the fact that the children had grown up, her family life had been better since then due to her success in business.Therefore, she deicided to spend more time for her. Unlucliky, she met some guys who lived in ildeness and took advantages of rich and lonely ladies.

Mr.Hoat was a retired employee. His children grew up. He was known as a very mean man. As having a lot of free time, he overindulged in dissipation round. Their children Hien, Tan and Le always encouraged them to become an old couple. However, there were some conflicts in their relation. Mr.Hoat believed that Mrs.Huong was an old, improper woman and Mrs.Huong thinked that Mr.Hoat was so stingy. To be witness of half laughing and half crying situations, their children helped them to find back real happiness of their life.

Hien and Tan were young, fully-loved and responsible to their parents. Experiencing sorrow and happy together all the way, they who had trustworthy and roman hearts felt in love each other.