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* Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên

* Writer: Đỗ Thị Thanh Hương - Nguyễn Thị Mộng Thu

* Director & Editor: Trương Dũng.

* Cameraman: Dương Hiếu Nghĩa.

* A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


* On VTV9 Channel

* Broadcasting time: 09.PM (Monday to Friday) from 09-Jun-2011

* Duration: 45 mins/episode

* Episodes: 41


Minh Luân Huỳnh Mai
Dương Cẩm Lynh Ngân Quỳnh
Khương Thịnh Mai Huỳnh
Kanhee Ngọc Hiền Minh Hạnh
Hải Âu Thanh Điền


A love story between a beautiful maid – Nha Khanh and a rich family’s son – Duc Trong. Nhã Khanh used to be a first year Economics student. But her father was broke becaused of his close staff. Their family included six people (Nha Khanh with an older brother and two younger sisters) had to move to a small house where poor manual labor had lived . Nha Khanh volunteered to give up her studies so that her older brother – a senior student – would be able to graduate. She accepted to be a maid of Duc Trong’s family and hoped this would support her parents.

In spite of being a director of a computer company, Duc Trong had a dangerous hobby which was driving motorcycle with high speed. And that hobby caused him an accident that broke all of his legs. He couldn’t walk and was stuck on bed. He changed totally, smashed everything and screamed at everyone, day by day became unapproachable. His parents worried so much and tried different ways to relieve his anger. He was taken cared by two beautiful girls who were falling in love with him. One was his family’s maid – Nha Khanh and another was his private doctor – Bich Khue. Bich Khue was a daughter of an illegal practice of medicine group. She also had feelings for Duc Trong but he loved Nha Khanh only and tried to stay close to her as long as possible. When his health had recovered, he opened up his love but countered his family’s objections. Especially his father – Mr Duc Kha, Mr Kha didn’t want his son to marry to Nha Khanh and separated this couple by misrepresenting about Nha Khanh, he insisted that this girl had tried to seduce him. Duc Trong believed in his word and decided to marry Bich Khue. At the same time, Nha Khanh discovered a small life little by little had been growing up inside her.

Finally, what would happen to their love and the unborn baby? Would Mr.Kha regret of his words about innocent Nha Khanh? How had Bich Khue’s family paid for their inhuman act?