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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.

*Editor: Mỹ Hà - Hương Giang

*Director: Trương Dũng.

*Cameraman: Thanh Sơn - Trương Tiến Thịnh.

* Music by: Thanh Sơn

*A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On VTV9 Channel

- Broadcasting time: 08.45PM ( Monday to Friday) from 07-Sep-2012

- Duration: 45 mins/episode

- Episodes: 44


Huy Khánh as: Thắng
Thanh Trúc as: Vân
Mạnh Hùng as: Khôi
Lục Diệp as: My
Mai Phương as: Thủy
Bảo Sơn as: Tuấn
Quốc Hùng as: Ông Sáng
Trịnh Kim Chi as: Bà Hảo
Huy Cường as: Ông Nhã
Cô Thiên Kim as: Bà Ngoại Vân
Minh Ngọc as: Yến
Tiến Luật as: Thái


  1. Hạnh Phúc Muộn Màng:
  2. Sao Đành Phụ Nhau:


They lived in the same poor love, materials condition and experienced a lot of up and downs. Losing their mothers, Han and Thuy, 2 girls had grown up with feud. They chose totally different ways to overcome difficulties and chanlenges and satisfy hatred deeply in their heart.

When Han was a child, she had been the witness of mother’s accidents made by Thang’s father. Although she implored him to take her mother to hospital, Thang’s father still went away. Since then she had lived in hatred so that she always wanted to revenge him by anyway. With her beauty, intelligence, Han easily attracted Thang, son of man who made her mother’s accident after graduating from university. Han’s life then had more and more feaud.

Thuy was a well- mannered, good-natured farmer. Despite her love with a good man, Thuy had agreed to have child with another rich man in town to take money used for her father’s sickness. After that, she unhappily realized that her father and step mother had done agreement to sell her to that rich man for money only. Because she lost her most valuable thing of her life, she was in complex with her boyfriend and determinded to make a change to her life. She did everything to get the target of being an official wife of rich man. And what went on to her life?

Bad intentions of young life, long-time feaud, wrong choices with terrible consequences…. Who in these girls could awake from mistakes and find the way back to their happiness although it was just a belated one?