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TV Drama Series (Psychology).


*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.

*Scriptwriter: Thu Thủy - Khánh Hà

*Director: Nguyễn Anh Tuấn.

*Cameraman: Nguyễn Minh Hà.

*A product of Golden Screen Production (Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On VTV9 Channel.

- Broadcasting time: 09.PM (Monday to Friday) from 09-Apr-2012.

- Duration: 45 mins/episode.

- Episodes: 38.


Khương Thịnh as: Nghiêm
Ngân Khánh as: Hoài Thư
Đức Sơn as: Ông Khâm
Trọng Hải as: Ông Tráng
Thiên Hương as: Bà Chi
Lê Thi as: Bà Thi
Lê Văn Luật as: Uy
Vũ Hoàng Điệp as: Vân
Cát Tường as: Bà Trang
Phi Long as: Tuấn
Minh Trang as: Mai
Tuấn Anh as: Tý


  1. Cho Yêu Thương Quay Về:
  2. Ngã Rẽ Cuộc Đời:


Being an 18 year-old homeless boy, Nghiem got a job as a security guard. He met Thu, a young and innocent girl by accident. Firstly, he wondered that Thu was just his dream girl. However, they were gradually like each other. One day, he caught Thu had been with an old man and officialy decided to put an end to their relation.

Out of weariness, Nghiem let things run their course and became rich woman’s unofficial boyfriend. By accident, he met Mrs.Thi, an intellectual and rich woman. Deeply empathized with Khiem, Thi was seriously fall in love with him and tried to facilitate him to go to school that made a change to his life. While his life had been approved, Thi suddently passed away. Being extremely hurted of that incident, Khiem doudted that Thi’s husband had involved in Thi’s death.

As time went by, Khiem accidently met Hoai Thu. Based on her beauty and intelligence, Thu became Nghiem’s personal efficient assistant in business. Thu realized that she was took advantage to be a pawn in business by Nghiem someday. She deicided to go away from him and unluckily met with an accident.

4 years later…

In Dalat, Hoai, the owner of famous café “Chuyen cu” had been run her business quietly. When Nghiem was in Dalat, he often came to that Café to enjoy memory coffee flavor. After Hoai Thu left him, Nghiem deeply pervade losses of his love with Thu. He hadn’t been found her since then.

One day, Nghiem was accused to kill Thi because of her treasure by Kham. Would Hoai help Khiem with his missing true love when she was keeping important secrets in a deeply hurted heart?