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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.
*Writer & Editor: Hoàng Thu Dung
*Director: Trương Dũng.
*Cameraman: Hồng Sơn - Tiến Thịnh.
*Music: Ngọc Sơn.
*A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)
- On VTV9 Channel
- Broadcasting time: 09.PM ( Monday to Friday) from 27-Feb-2013
- Duration: 45 mins/episdoe
- Episodes: 35


Ngọc Lan as: Chiêu Mai
Thanh Trúc as: Chiêu Ly
Việt Huê as: Chiêu Dương
Quốc Cường as: Quân
Quý Bình as: Toàn
Chí Thiện as: Thắng
Mã Trung as: ông Dũng
Trịnh Kim Chi as: bà Xuân
Xuân Thùy as: Kim
Bảo Sơn vai: Quý
Phương Bella vai: Hồng



The movie was the warning about parents’ full responsibility to their children. We couldn’t change the past, but we could make good future if we respected what we had. If we were wise to find an efficient solution when facing the risks of life, we could reduce a little of our unhappiness.

Mr.Dung was a Director of a well-known company while his wife, Mrs Xuan, was fairly successful in her fashionable business. They had three intelligent and beautiful daughters with different characters.

The oldest sister, Chieu Mai, was a tender and romantic teacher. She desired a stable life with no competition.

Chieu Ly, was a strong, keen and ambitious girl. She was a good business staff of a company.

The youngest daughter, Chieu Duong, with innocence, soft and romantic character was a student of the University of Architecture. Her mother and sisters spent all their love to take care of her.

Five-person family was so happy until the day when Chieu Ly introduced Kim, a friend of hers to her father for a job. Then, Kim became Mr Dung’s lover. From that time, Mr.Dung’s family had started to break up because Mrs. Xuan could not have a son.

Two oldest sisters were disappointed when their parents argued everyday and their mother lived in loneliness, sadness with debt made by family money thather husband brought to his lover. They decided to get married with hope to find the way to help their family.

However, everything was not as smooth as they expected. They had to deal with many difficulties of their marriage which nearly caused a breakup. Besides that, would the father suffer terrible consequences for what he did?