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Do you think it would be possible to see Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Freddie  Mercury  performing  on  the  same stage? Obviously not? Well, you’re wrong, because YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR makes it possible!

YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR is a high-end celebrity music and impersonation competition with a great comedy twist. 8 celebrities take on a new identity every week as an iconic music performer. They have to clone every single detail of the original artists, from the way they dance to the pitch of their voices. And all of this singing live!

YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR is a prime time show full of surprises, featuring first class performances, plenty of comedy moments and very special chemistry among the contestants. YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR is 100% entertainment. Are you going to miss out on the fun?

Every week, the same group of celebrities find out who they have to impersonate by simply pressing a buzzer. A giant screen displays multiple images of different singers in rapid succession. The minute the celebrity hits the buzzer, the images freeze and the selection is made. Whether it’s an older or younger person, or even someone of the opposite sex, it doesn’t matter – vocal coaches, choreographers, make-up artists and stylists are ready to prep them for their big performance.

A panel of judges and competing celebrities award points based on various categories, including singing, style and believability. There are no eliminations. The scores are tallied in each show, ranking the contestants from first to last.

After each performance, the celebrities must press the buzzer again to find out who they will impersonate the following week. Towards the end, only the four celebrities who accumulated the most points throughout the show qualify for the series final. After their very last performance, the celebrity with the with the most points receives the top cash prize for a charity of their choice.