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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên

*Writer: Đỗ Đình Hậu

*Director: Đặng Tất Bình & Nguyễn Hoài Thu

*Cameraman: Hoàng Phan Quý & Tạ Đức Nguyên

*A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On VTV9 Channel

- Broadcasting time: 08.PM ( Monday to Friday) from 10-May-2012

- Duration: 45 mins/episode

- Episodes: 44


Việt Anh as: Sơn
Thành Được as: Nhật An
Nhật Kim Anh as: Nguyệt Hồng
Mi Ngọc as: Bích Liên
Trương Nhi as: Phượng
Kha Ly as: Thảo Uyên
Mạnh Dũng as: ông Nội
Mai Huỳnh as: ông Bằng
Đức Sơn as: ông Tường
Thu Trang as: Như Ái
Thanh Bình as: Công
Thành Nhân as: Hoàng Minh
Vương Nhật Huy as: Tâm


  1. Lyric 01:
  2. Lyric 02:


Nhat An and Duc Son used to be close friends. While one man only wanted a simple and peaceful life with his love, the other always dreamed of being prosperous by any way despite it was right or wrong.

One man seriously respected his love and was ready to satify himself for his girlfriend’s happiness as well as helped protect her from seducement in life. The other considered love as mean to make his desire come true. He used any cunning actions to win one’s heart for his base to get success in life.

Accidently, they worked together in a large-scale project involved in humanity: building Vinh Hang cemetery

Supernatural force of money, power and personal ambition put them in confrontation situation.

The moving round of money was cruel one. Could it change people with its affect into their human dignity?

Who would take the horrible consequences of that cruel moving round of money, moral standards and human dignity? Who could mantain his firm stuff under seducement of money?