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*Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.

*Writer: Nguyễn Huỳnh Bảo Anh

*Editor: Phạm Thùy Nhân

*D.O.P: Phạm Đức Dũng

*Director: Xuân Cường

*A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production Co., Ltd.)


- On THVL1 Channel

- Broadcasting time: 08.30PM (Monday to Wesnesday) from 20-Sep-2010

- Duration: 45 mins/episode

- Episodes: 35


Nguyễn Đình Thơ as: Ông Quý Toàn
Diễm Kiều as: Bà Ngọc Lan
Quốc Trường as: Quý Trung
Ngọc Lan as: Ngọc Hân
Jenny Hải Yến as: Thu Nguyệt
Tường Vy as: Hiếu Ngọc
Công Hậu as: Quý Khang
Kim Phượng as: Thanh Loan
Hà Trí Quang as: Nam Khánh


The Nguyen family was a rich one with three generations living under the same roof. Every member had their own contradictory traits. Arguments often occured in their family due to their high seft-esteem. During a quarrel, Quy Toan, the head of the family, had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed he would die anytime.

After his health had gradually recovered, Quy Toan decided to make a will to distribute family’s assets. In condition of inheriting their assets, everyone had to strictly follow these terms:

1)      All members would be at home on time to have meals together. Every Sunday, all members would gather to enjoy the breakfast

2)      The door would be closed at 12am and no one was allowed to go out overnight.

3)      In the family, members would be filial and behaved with respect to the elders and lived in a complete concord

4)      Members couldn’t move out or else they would love their inheritance.

Before saying goodbye to this world, he urged to do everything to heal the rift within his family. A happy family which was built from the heartfelt love was his uttermost expectation.

Each member tried to pretend being on good terms with each other in front of Quy Toan, but they all had theird own plans beneath and purely acted out of their self-interest. And if Quy Toan eventually passed away, their gains could bring them happiness or shatter their family?

The Stormy Family