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* Producer: Vũ Thị Bích Liên.
* Writer: Hoàng Thu Dung
* Director & Editor: Đặng Tất Bình
* Cameraman: Lâm Thanh Ngọc - Tạ Đức Nguyên
* A product of Golden Screen Production ( Song Vang Advertising Production co., Ltd.)
- On VTV9 Channel
- Broadcasting time: 09.PM (Monday to Friday) from 13-Jul-2013
- Duration: 45 mins/episode
- Episodes: 30


Ái Châu as: Ban Mai
Diễm Châu as: Phù Dung
Khương Thịnh as: Trường
Trung Dũng as: Định
Thu Hiền as: Linh Lan
Ngân Quỳnh as: bà Công
Thanh Điền as: ông Công
Trần Bích Hằng as: bà Xuyên
Phương Dung as: bà Xuân
Văn Thường as: ông Thái
Quang Hòa as: Minh
Trương Minh Hằng as: Duyên

and other actors & actresses...


Ban Mai and Phu Dung were sisters who had the same father but different mothers. Oppositely to Ban Mai, a good-natured, pretty girl, Phu Dung was beautiful and crafty one. She swore with herself that she would always consider Ban Mai as her enemy.

These two girls were models of a famous Model Company. Ban Mai was really successful in job and received a lot of love from colleagues. Not accepting that many good things went to Ban Mai, Phu Dung took advantages of any chance to injure her. She played dirty trickS to Ban Mai when they joined in a fashion performance and then she made her effort to deprive the main actress in movie which Director had chosen for Ban Mai. Nonstop at all, she tried to attract Ban Mai’s fiancé, Movie Director Hoang Dinh…

By a lot of troubles done to Ban Mai, Phu Dung was so successful in conspriracy of making Ban Mai getting the sack.

As time went by, the truth was revealed when Hoang Dinh realized Phu Dung’s dishonest nature. He was digusting her and tried to come back to Ban Mai although he knew Ban Mai had felt in love with Truong, son of a famous Production Director. Many sudden details together with reappearance of Hoang Dinh in Ban Mai life made the movie more dramatical.

What would happen to them? Anyone who was serious in living with real ability would have happiness. The movie left a message that straightforward person could be successful in life…